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There is no precise age when you should start to use anti-ageing skincare. However, we recommend that you start using anti-ageing product from your early 20's onwards. It's good to remember that this is general advice. Moreover, the rate at which your skin ages depends on your genetics, your environment, skin colour, UV exposure, and lifestyle. You should take these factors into account when considering start using anti-ageing products and which ones suit your situation better. When skin is young, it has a very healthy supply of antioxidants vitamins and minerals. These active substances help your body defend itself against internal and external negative factors and to rebuild and heal quickly.
Applying a serum before your day and/or night creams boosts their effectiveness. The texture of serums is finer, so it is absorbed more quickly into the skin. Serums are more advanced, concentrated formulations designed to address specific needs in a more focused, enriching manner. Depending on your specific skincare concerns, you may need greater amounts of these valuable skincare ingredients with anti-ageing, anti-pollution, or anti-environmental damage benefits.
The eyes are one of the most used areas on the face and that's why it's important to keep hydratation levels high to avoid dryness at all costs. If the skin around the eye is kept moisturised, eye cream will slow down the breakdown of collagen and elasticity, two things that are important to keep the skin looking youthful and smooth.
External factors like pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing can all damage your skin’s moisture barrier. In fact, as you age, your skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases. Keeping skin hydrated is an important step towards keeping it healthy. Facial moisturisers can enhance the functioning of the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of skin. The stratum corneum is made up of fat, oil, and skin cells that help keep moisture in the skin. That’s why using a daily moisturiser is so important.
Skin ageing is a natural process which aftects every one of us. Skin ageing has internal and external causes. Depending on your lifestyle, nutritition and genetic predisposition, the skin ageing process can vary individually. Usually, the first signs of ageing are noticeable on the skin. Wrinkles appear and the skin loses in volume and elasticity. The skin has different layers where the ageing process takes place. First, it affects the epidermal layers where hyaluronic acid starts to reduce. The cells' turnover is slower and the skin gets more sensitive. Then, the ageing process takes over the dermal layers with a weaker skin structure and reduced skin elasticity. The skin is more susceptible to wrinkle formation and the appearance of fine lines. The skin cells are less active which is why the skin becomes dryer. All these processes result in less radiant skin. Last but not least, important cells in the subdermal layers sink which results in sagging skin. The speed of skin ageing can be affected by external causes like sun exposure, pollution, smoking, nutrition and inappropriate skin care. As skin ageing represents a common problem, Iduncare decided to specialise in this field in order to provide a real, healthy and affordable solution for everyone. Iduncare gives your skin the appropriate care it needs to protect it from the natural ageing process. The Anti Ageing Skin Care Line from Iduncare is dermatologically proven to combat noticeable signs of facial skin ageing. We invite you to get your youthful skin radiance back and prevent natural ageing of the skin with Iduncare!
For best results, we recommend that you apply Iduncare products twice a day, during your morning skincare routine and in the evening before bed time.
With consistent daily use, results become cumulative and even more dramatic. For most clients, noticeable improvement is achieved after using the products as a daily routine for one month.
Our Iduncare products can be used individually depending on the needs of the person but results can be optimised overall when using the three products in the Anti-ageing line as indicated.
All of our products are manufactured and tested under strict quality-control guidelines. All of our formulas are compliant with current European legislation and have been clinically tested by dermatologists to ensure they provide excellent results of efficiency and tolerance, even for people with sensible skin. All of the ingredients used by our laboratory are on the list of ingredients authorised by European legislation for use in cosmetic products. We monitor the safety of each product marketed around the world in accordance with its own strict internal pharmaceutical quality and safety standards.
If a small quantity of Iduncare products accidentally gets into your eyes, we recommend that you lightly splash some water in the eye in order to dilute and rinse away the product. If you experience persistent itching or burning, we recommend that you visit a specialist.
All Iduncare products were developed to be used by both women and men since their properties like their non-oily texture, fast-absorbing application and unisex fragrances are beneficial for everyone.

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