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Redefining the cosmetics and skincare industry

Iduncare was born with the aim of redefining the cosmetics and skincare industry. It has been a challenge to develop and work with the most advanced formulas to help to fight visible signs of ageing. At Iduncare we believe that quality matters and we work on the most advanced formulas to help to fight visible signs of ageing, giving skin a youthful and radiant glow.


Commitment is our purpose

At Iduncare, we are committed to making professional skincare accessible for women all over the world. We know that beautiful skin starts with the right skincare regime. As the largest organ of the human body, we believe that our skin deserves the best care possible, not only to look beautiful but most importantly to be healthy.

We've decided to create our first Iduncare Anti-Ageing Skincare Line that consists of an Age-Defying Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Serum, a Firming Eye Cream and a Firming Facial Cream. Developed by our specialists and numerous dermatologists, the Iduncare Anti-Ageing Skincare Line provides the perfect care for every type of ageing skin.

Quality & innovation

At Iduncare, we are driven by high-quality standards which encourage constant innovation without disregarding the sustainable side of our creations. Our high-end products manage to treat skin with the greatest care from the inside to the outside, as we endeavour to please every one of our dearest customers. We are persistently striving to be our best and provide our customers with products that they can fall in love with and incorporate into their daily routine, day and night.


We care about your skin just as idun did

Iduncare gets its name from the goddess of youth and immortality called "Idun". According to a Nordic myth, Idun had the magic power to provide people with eternal youth. As the guardian of golden apples, Idun was an important character for the gods. By giving them the golden apples, the fruit provided them eternal youth, otherwise they would have aged as everyone else.

We like to compare Idun's magic gift of providing people with eternal youth to our Anti Ageing Skincare Line. Our products help to combat the skin-ageing process by providing a healthy and effective revitalisation so that you feel young again. We care about your skin, just like Idun did!

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